Big Shots®

The ideal confetti cannon! This unit shoots confetti or streamers or both together. Built to last a lifetime the BigShots® is remotely actuated and shoots confetti up to 50 feet and streamers to 80 feet or more. Daisy chain multiple units together for an unbeatable effect.


The MiniBlaster™ is a mid-sized continuous flow confetti machine. Using CO2 as the energy source, the MiniBlaster™ is perfect for smaller venues, stages or sets. Projecting confetti to 50 feet or more, it provides a full effect to meet your artistic intent.

Silent Storm

This device provides a steady stream of confetti at the desired rate without operator interface. The unit is whisper quiet and capable of delivering a sustained artistic effect for up to 15 minutes or more.

Mini 96

The Mini 96 manual firing system is designed for the small show as well as large companies that have a special purpose. It has all the features you would expect in a high-end manual system. It also gives you the ability to layout the topology for up to 10 simultaneous shot fronts.


The Galaxis G-Flame is a new and very versatile flame projector that offers a number of interesting features. It can be used for indoor, outdoor and special effect applications.

PFC Advanced

Wireless Controller for the Galaxis G-Flame. External firing key with XLR cable with 1 output or External firing key with XLR cable with 2 outputs Multi-charging unit (up to 10 dev.) Antenna extension